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Few good links better than many bad links

By far the best way to get indexed to day by the search engines is to gain link-popularity. But any link is not necessary a good link so be carefulwho you choose as your link partner. While gaining link popularity canbe an extremely time consuming process itis still very necessary to the success of your web site. Try setting aside two or three hours week to work on this. You could even hire someone to do it. 

If you want to get indexed at the search engines thefirst places you want to go are MSN, Yahoo! and Google and submit the homepage to these sites, bare in mind that once they have indexed your site you do not have to submit again and you will most definetly not have to submit every page of your website.

But is that enough? What about AOL, Altavista, AlltheWeb, HotBot, Ask, Teome and all the others? That is where link popularity kicks in. Since there is currently no way thatwe know of to get indexed at Ask Jevees for examble it’s only a question of getting few good links to your site and get the spiders and robots to visit you through a third channel.

Also if you want to get indexed at for examble Googleit willhappen sooner than later with few good links to your site. Getting listed at Google alsohelps you at sites like AOL, A9 and HotBot to mention few. They use the Google DB as their source or as stated “Enhanced By Google”. To them Google is more of a Search engine Result provider.

For more information on Search Engine relationships try the interactive map at

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