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Twitter is a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time.

Yes and so? I have been following the Twitter phenomenon and I must say I have no understanding of what the cool is all about? I am sorry, I will be using it further but I have witnessed a group of people just loose them self’s in twittering. I know that it is the information age, but is there nothing that is not worth mentioning? If Facebook is a time killer, man Twitter goes far beyond that.

And now Facebook has something called Tweeter it’s a Twitter Interface that allows you to post new tweets through Facebook, automatically update your status whenever you tweet, from anywhere. Imaging that!

Okay I might be little to gloomy here but I am still not seeing the real advantage of Twitter over Facebook or for that matter MSN Messanger, but then again I am not Twittering all day in and out as some of my friends seem to be doing. Phfeffff!!!

There are not many that did predict the success of Twitter and I must ask what is next? We write only every other word in a sentence or instead
of writing we blog by choosing pictures only?

I think it’s time we step back a little

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3 thoughts on “Twitter is a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time.

  1. Completely agree with you … actually I have been stressed on a number of issues over the past few weeks and just “sat back” and watched people, observed behaviors and I see so many nose dive on a new or trendy technology just to look good and follow the crowd – then as soon as someone “famous” doubts the usefulness, off we go on a wild goose chase seeking the newest and most trendy web 5.0 widget

    What many fail to understand in my view is a very simple aspect of technology – it must be enabling and allow the users to deliver added value: many use it as a loud speaker.

  2. I agree totally. I look at these things as I would look at the old “CQ, CQ, CQ” of HAM radio in the past. (I am lisenced ham) If it could be like the old invitation to the masses to converse, it would be great. Unfortunately we all know what would happen, (in other words what would be trashed).

  3. Twitter seems like such a waste of time to me – celebrities telling us what they had for breakfast, pleeease…

    I know a lot of businesses are starting to get Facebook pages but I really struggle to see how this will be of benefit to them – I don’t know of a single person who would use Facebook to interact with a business…so lame!


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