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Nielsen Company announce top U.S Search Providers

The American marketing and advertising research company, Nielsen, provides an up-to-date understanding of consumers and markets worldwide with the Top U.S. Search Providers report for January 2010.

The total number of web searches conducted during January 2010 was 10,272,099. Nielsen Online estimated a total of 8.1 billion web searches in comparison to November last year, which also indicated a 9.6% increase in overall web searches during the same month in 2008.According to Nielsen’s reports, Google searches accounted for 66.3% of all web based searches, making it a number one provider. In comparison to last year’s report, Google searches have increased from 5,177,158 searches in November 2008, up to 6,805,424 searches in January 2010.

Yahoo!Search is in second place after Google, accounting for 14.5 % and total of 1,488,476 searches. MSN, AOL, and were also listed in the top five.

For more information on the top 10 searches providers for January 2010 please follow this link:

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