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Icelandic Media sites in contrast to International sites

Every media company knows that if they are not appearing on page 1 of search engine results for their news specific keywords, they are likely to be missing out on thousands of targeted visitors and potential ad revenue, whilst competitors benefit.

However, research from Majestic SEO highlight that some of Iceland’s top media organisations are failing to market themselves online, restricting their online brand reputation and visibility.

(Buzz table below is updated daily)

Only 6 out of the 8 major media organisations tested currently appear in the Majestic Million, a Buzz table, of internet sites which ranks the top million global websites according to their connections from other sites.

When I talked to my friend Dixon Jones, who serves as the Marketing Director of Majestic SEO he commented, “The table is updated every day so as an international metric of who’s talking to and about you, it’s out there on its own. It provides a benchmark of how your site is performing and a comparative measure against your competitors.” – In this case I used Icelandic Media sites as a sample.

In the digital age, media companies need to be investing in online marketing in order to compete for viewers’ attention. Organisations that fail to focus on their search engine positioning will soon start to lose out to those already focusing on making themselves more visible to the web.”

Majestic Millions is a new way to rank websites based on how other sites see them. Based on Majestic SEO’s link analysis engine, the site explorer tracks and ranks the top 1 million websites based on how many sites link to them.

Bottom line: Majestic’s index is now the largest commercially available Link Intelligence map on the planet including the Moon and Mars :-)

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