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Domino’s Introduces the #OneClickPizza App to Norway

Dominos Introduces the OneClickPizza App to Norway

Dominos is looking to be the first in market technology and introduce to Norway what they call #OneClickPizza.

This allows pizza ordering with one simple push of a button. The user starts by configuring their favourite order in a specially programmed application and syncs the #OneClickPizza button to the app. After that the user can place an order by simple pushing the button once and the order is then delivered to the door in half an hour or so.

Other highlights include:

– Order is confirmed with a SMS / email
– This is a trial period now with only 100 participants
– The plan is to offer this technology to the public from spring 2016 via Domino’s mobile ordering application
– Each participant gets 2 free orders and then 20% discount after that.
– Orders are shared on users social media profiles

Domino’s will be testing this in Norway over the next three months or so.

Dominos One Click application
Dominos One Click application box
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