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Using the right Image is crucial for engagement

Its a changing world
Using the right Image can have an engagement uplift of 160%

The above quote comes from Jaime Pham – Content Marketing Evangelist i LinkedIn Marketing when speaking at the Content Marketing Conference in Oslo today – I did not find the exact research LinkedIn did, but found this interesting research 500px did couple of years back.

Here are the key learnings when it comes to Image usage:
1. Use a single subject unless the situation calls for more.
2. Take candid photos. If you can photograph your friends and take real-life photos of real-life interactions, all the better!
3. Prefer wide shots when you’re out taking pictures you’d like to sell… image buyers sure do.
4. Have your subject look away from the camera. That might mean they’re fully turned away, or just looking off camera, but buyers definitely don’t want you ‘breaking the fourth wall’ so to speak.
5. It’s more effective to keep your subject a mystery than to identify them. Given the numbers aren’t as strong here, however, we suggest you yield to whatever the situation calls for.
The best time to take a photo that sells is at dawn or dusk. Midday shots, studio shots, and harsh light simply don’t sell as well.
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