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The Value of Paid Media

Multi-Touch Revenue Attribution

Here are couple of thoughts when it comes to paid media and why it should be used as a part of a communication mix.

Paid leads to earned

It can be argued that it’s the other way around, but again it has to do with the quality of the idea behind it – In a PR lead campaign paid might be the follow-up, but it might also be the thing that warms up the audience and makes them more acceptable to what’s to come, teases the audience and make the curious for the main stunt.

We control the tracking

When you’re paying for placement, platform providers will share results, making reporting easier on our end. We can easily see which paid content received the most clicks, shares, favorites or re tweets. Third-party tools will even track engagement across multiple platforms and centralize reports in a single location.

What is owned and earned if not paid?

We tend to forget that “owned and earned” have a cost associated to it, this is cost that in the traditional sense does not belong to media cost but in the any modern communication environment is respected as such. If we know that something’s already earning us engagement, we can use paid to get more eyeballs on that content, leading to more earned.

Owned, earned and paid are the same, its just its just that the definition is not quite there yet.

Paid breaks the ice

Being faster to market, and looking at the ways to get access to new audience is the essence of paid, its about control and its about accountability. If our communications are relevant it gives us the right audience, they share it and give us further access.

Penetrating the noise

Everyday we are being exposed to marketing messages, to penetrate that we need paid as much as we need earned and owned – The question is not if we should be doing paid, the question is how should we be doing paid. In the mix of the message and the paid strategy the magic is in the word “mix”.

There is no such thing as a free lunch

To be able to reach the audience you want to communicate to using the likes of Facebook and Google, you have to pay for it, it is as simple as that – Their business models and algorithms are basically taking away our opportunities to fly organically. Yes, we do sometimes get wings, but in reality that is only a fraction of the opportunity paid.

Content is not self conscious

As with anything, poor ingredients is not likely to take off when it comes to advertising or make great food when it comes to cooking. Great content makes all activities fly, paid or not, it ads value, the x-factor that takes the message further. The amplification of content happens because of the value, paid helps push that further and to more people, it helps remind, reactive and prolong activities.

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