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#Euro2016 and Twitter

Twitter Insights for Euro 2016

A company called Talkwalker has been running a page on Twitter insights for Euro 2016, they are monitoring Twitter mention, the top hastags and the distribution of Tweets geographically. This is an interesting insight as it gives a good overview. The company is tracking mentions of the Euro 2016 on Twitter in several languages,

Content Analysis for #Iceland

Content Analysis Iceland

Content Analysis for #Iceland for the past 30 days shows that the hash tag has had close to 1.5 million global shares with an average 470 per content item analysed. The shares happen mostly on Facebook with minor Twitter spikes. Thursdays seem to be the days people share the most - Maybe

Google‘s growing prominence on real-time search within search results

In August 2009 Google famously changed their algorithm and how they value current events, but different from the 2003 Florida update this change to how they value content  and display search results seamed to roll out rather peacefully and in some cases unnoticed. I have been monitoring how this has changed